Agri-Tech, comprises technological innovations and capabilities that change how food and other agricultural products are grown, harvested, packaged, stored, transported, processed, and sold.

Israel is uniquely positioned to utilize sophisticated technological solutions to address the challenges that the world farming community faces at all stages of the food supply chain.

Over the past few years, there has been a global move towards data-enabled technology and the Internet of Things, technologies where Israel is acknowledged as a global leader.

The range of Israel’s Agri-Tech innovation capabilities is broad and varied, including soil and plant sensors, cutting-edge swarming drones, autonomous robots, plant genetics platforms, cultured meat, alternative proteins, smart irrigation, and big data analytics software.

We, at Arad Holdings, have partnered with the largest cultivator in Israel, a consortium of 260 Kibbutzim, who cultivate over 3,000,000 dunams of farming lands only in Israel for mainly 2 purposes:

Fertilizer solutions, Deshen Hatzafon, , with over 5000 different formulas that are accurate for each and every different agriculture needs, optimizing the cultivation by quantity and quality and preventing soil of long term damages.

Expending out of Israel into the promising potential lands in south Turkey, investing and developing large scale of lands for various agriculture growing’s, implementing decades of the Israeli know-how and using high end Israeli technologies and start-ups.

By using the unique start-ups will allow proof of concept and added value both for own cultivation and for the various Agri-Tech companies.