We are very proud to announce our latest collaboration in the field of Telemedicine.
Successfully the most innovative products from the most advanced company TYTOCARE are to be imported and distributed exclusively by the largest conglomerate in Turkey, KOÇ Holding and by it’s healthcare operators for the great benefit of the Turkish patients.
This collaboration is a great success managed by our company as well as more medical collaborations to come.

NANOSONO, www.nanosono.com,  the world leader in anti-bacterial solutions, used for Textile, Ointments, Paints and more uses. Is now our exclusive partner in Turkey, we will open in 2022 Q2, in Istanbul, the first industrial Textile Coating Factory which will allow create Anti-Bacterial protection to various kinds of fabrics, both woven and non-woven.

At the later stage, we will have specific production lines, and factories, in Turkey, to produce End Products, which will be Anti-Bacterial, such as Personal Protective Equipment, diapers for babies and elders, bandages of all sorts, and many more products.  

Our innovative nano-particles coating technology transforms almost any medical device, fabric, filters or any type of surfaces into an antibacterial surface and can prevent biofilm. Such capability makes us safe, effective and long term antimicrobial protection provider within the healthcare industry.

Using our unique patented process and materials to achieve a long term antibacterial and antibiofilm properties, we have successfully achieved total kill of MARSA, KPC, E. Coli and other resistant bacteria – within minutes. Because the mode of operation is not based on leaching of the coating, we are able to achieve high antibacterial efficacy, over a long period of time.

NanoSono Ltd. (NSC Ltd.) is in the key position to offer a cost-effective solution to a soon-to-be standardized market. In the near future, medical devices, fabrics that are potentially infection causes will require to gain anti-bacterial capabilities to be allowed within patient environments. The most effective way to protect the patients’ and the staffs’ environment is by avoiding the infection in the first place, preferably by eradicating the bacteria from the devices and the equipment that comes in contact with the patients and the hospital stuff. In addition, we make sure the patients’ environment, such as operating rooms, is as sterile as possible, we are also focused on lowering the risk of infection by making “carrier” materials within the patients’ direct environment such as robes, linens etc. anti-bacterial.