Israel is one of the only countries that grows naturally with highest rate in the OECD of 3.2 children per family, in addition to the Jewish migration that annually is minimum 100,000 new residents and total population has almost reached 10M.

These facts are creating high demand, and the real-estate market has been booming for the last 4 decades.

Israel is lacking solution of over 400,000 residential units and 20,000 hotel rooms, mostly in the center, in and around Tel-Aviv Metropolitan.

Due to lack of construction manpower, since Israel used to hire daily 120,000 Palestinians employees, and the fact that all building materials are imported, cost of construction is very high and is over $3,000 per 1 sqm.

These facts and lack of available lands, create very high valuation for both lands and properties and sale price can easily reach $15,000 per 1 sqm built.

We are proud of our exclusive partnership with the world leader listed in ENR 250, DORCE, offering variety of solutions of pre-fabricated and off site construction, industrial, modular and volumetric solutions.

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We are now focused on the pre-fabricated solutions, and are importing and distributing ready homes, 1-2-3 floors that are mainly used for the construction companies to accommodate the foreign construction employees.

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Israel has approved infrastructure projects of total value of more than $100B including light railway, underground Metro, heavy Railway, additional international airport etc’.

For all of those we are allocating Turkish based known construction companies, to become partners in projects including the ability to bring employees to complete the projects.

Since Israel does not manufacturer, we are also involved in import and trade construction steel, aluminum, glass and other materials, from our associated factories in Turkey, supply the Israeli market with known variety customers for commercial, residential and infrastructure projects.

We bring the Turkish high quality of production, fast delivery, low labor costs and supply the demanding growing market needs of Israel.