“Everything that can be digital – will be Digital”

Our company is collaborating with Israeli technology leaders, with substantial involvement in the Israeli technological eco system. We find best added value to our partners in Turkiye. Part of the road map of Israeli startups, to enter new markets and create revenues and strong partnerships. Such implementation requires our vast network, to collaborate with the right partners and customers in Turkiye. We help all the parties sides to overcome the process of introduction, valuation, legal, import and implementation and ease such process, till the success.

Such collaboration is of great value for the local partner, moreover to the technology company by creating higher valuation for the startup. For that reason we also aim joining investments rounds in the startups, which shows great believe and trust, as well as profitability for the investors by the time of higher valuation and following IPO’s.

This business model, combining collaboration, joined R&D,  Implementation, distribution, manufacturing,  and also investment, is the most challenging and exciting as well as profitable for all sides.

During 2022, Israeli startup companies has raised over $15.5B from VC’s, 17 IPO’s and 89 M&A deals, with total of over 100 Israeli unicorns. This show of belief must be shared and used in the Turkish market..

The added value of Israeli R&D abilities, and the Israeli vision, allows to become a leader in most advanced fields such as Al IOT, Big Data, Cloud services, Cyber security, Fintech smart city, Autotech, Digital Health, climate and renewable energy etc’. We allocate the right technology and implement it due to our international and special involvement in the Israeli and Turkish markets.


World’s Most Innovative Economies – Bloomberg News

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This short video explains the importance of the Israeli technology and its potential.

International investments in Israel in $USD in Billions

Ofir Akunis, Innovation and Technology Minister

Meeting the Minister of Technology and Innovation, Mr. Ofir Akunis,to share potential collaborations between Israel and Turkey.