Established in 2000, ARAD Holdings, based in Tel Aviv-Israel, and in Istanbul-Turkey, has international activities mostly in growing markets with focus on Turkey. We have diversified fields of activity: Innovative technologies of Israeli Start-Ups, healthcare, energy and infrastructure, Smart City, real estate, and Turkey – Israel import and export. We believe that Israel as the leading power of technological innovations, R&D centers, incubators and accelerators, has the ability to expend and implement the various activities in the Turkish market. In addition, we are involved in allowing our partners, to invest in the technology/start up, during rounds of investments, before IPO, creating mutual interest and show of trust, allowing to enjoy the equity upside after the IPO.

Specially, due to the fact that, there are almost no active Israeli entrepreneurs, who knows how to penetrate Turkey, this is exactly our added value. Due to our long experience and wide network, both in Israel and in Turkey. As a result, we are successfully implementing many Israeli technologies, in Turkey, with our trusted partners and friends in Turkey, and we create higher valuation for the technology company, successful and profitable partnership, and high return on investments.