Israeli market has been booming for the last 4 decades, mostly due to natural population growth and financial ability as well as foreign investments into the market. For an example a commercial 1 sqm in the Metropolin of Tel Aviv is being sold for $6K and a residential for $12k.

The weak points of the market is the high building cost mostly due to lack of construction workers and import of materials. We have been most active in this market and know the need mostly for residential is over 500,000 units at the moment.

We produce and trade aluminum, glass and steel structure from our associated aluminum and steel factories in Turkey, supply the Israeli market with known variety customers both for commercial and residential projects. We bring the Turkish high quality of production, fast delivery, low labor costs and supply the demanding growing market of Israel where labor is expensive and production is limited and unable to supply the demands. We achieve cheaper costs for our customers with better quality and better value for the money.