Since 2011 we have been very active in the Turkish market, believing it has a lot of potential and influence, large capacity and a production hub. Though its economy has been free falling, it is exactly the right potential for upside in the coming years.

We believe we can take the Israeli innovative and entrepreneurship and its many years of R&D and implement in the Turkish market. We have been representing few Israeli companies and are bringing our added value to many fields in the Turkish market.

We are a member of the Israel-Turkey business council, Israel chamber of commerce and Industry. Working closely with our partners in Turkey and are involved to help the mutual trade to prosper.

During the terrible fires, in south of Turkey, at August 2021, I was asked to help the efforts of fire extinguishing by sending special fire-fighting airplanes from Israel.

The initiative came from my close friend and partner, owner of Odas Energy, and I took care of all needed from the Israeli side and coordinated between the Israeli and the Turkish side.

At the afternoon of 6.8.2021, 3 airplanes, 2 fire-extinguishing and 1 logistic support, and their crew, has landed in Milas airport and operated till August 11, 2021 covering over 13 fires, around Milas, Bodrum, and mostly Marmaris,  with about 50 drops of water to extinguish the fires.

Israel and Turkey are dear to my heart, as neighbors, as allies, as partners, and share wonderful mutual history and culture.

I respect and love the Turkish nation and the people of Turkey.

In times of need, we have always supported each other, and forever will do so.