Israel revealings of natural gas brought exactly the right solution for the industry and the households, able to decrease the electricity cost as well as the air pollution.
installing pipelines throughout the country as well as erecting new combined cycle power plants and converting old coal plans into gas.
Our activity involved in 4 different power stations one Thermal and 3 combined cycle where we brought the know how and experience teams to build these stations.

Israel signs landmark natural gas deal

Our company, ARAD HOLDINGS, was recently nominated to represent and partner up with Turkish Energy Public company ODAS ELEKTIRK URETIM SANAYI TICARET A.S. in order to enter the Israeli natural gas power plants activity.

Odaş is a group of companies operating in the fields of energy and mining with a vertically integrated structure. The group operates in the electricity production, retail sale of electricity and sale of natural gas, and mine manufacturing and sale based on a vertically integrated business model.

It managed to enter the National 100 Index of Istanbul Stock Exchange in the five years following its incorporation. The leading operation among its main lines of business is electricity production. In addition to the existing production plants based on primary sources such as natural gas, hydroelectricity, and solar power plants, it also has local coal based thermal power plants. The group continues to expand its precious metal and coal resources under the licenses it holds along with the production of antimony trioxide, a metal of strategic value as part of its mining activities.